Celebrity chefs Sophie Michell and Harry Eastwood have been signed up to front a promotional campaign for fresh prepared salads.

The Cook Yourself Thin presenters will be the public faces of a Fresh Prepared Salads Producer Group initiative to 'Cook Yourself Healthy'. Michell and Eastwood will take part in numerous PR activities this year and front a national competition to find The Great British Salad. They have also created recipes of their own using bagged salads for the promotion.

The campaign aims to challenge misconceptions about salad bags, including the perception that they have a negative impact on the environment.

There will be advertorials in leading magazines, salad farm tours, Q&A sessions and a media campaign.

"Michell and Eastwood's ethos is to create unpretentious, convenient and yet healthy meals using fresh, quality produce, but without sacrificing taste," said Kip Winter-Cox of FPSPG.