Porridge pot brand Oat Burst is targeting families for the first time with the launch of a range of porridge sachets.

The Symington’s-owned brand, launched in September 2009 as a range of instant porridge pots, is being expanded with packs of sachets in four flavours.

Rolling out to Asda next month, the line-up comprises a 12-pack of 27g plain sachets and packs of 10 36g sachets in golden syrup, strawberry, and apricot & honey flavours. The sachet porridges differs from the brand’s pots as they are mixed with milk rather than water to give a creamier end product.

The rsp of all variants is £1.88 but they will be available at an introductory price of £1. “The product is competitive on price,” said Symington’s marketing controller Andrew Wade. “The launch further establishes our business into the cereal aisles of the major multiples.”