Sainsbury’s has unveiled its 2014 Christmas ad offering - honing in on the 1914 Christmas Day truce between British and German soldiers in a highly-emotive advertising campaign.

The ad, which broke last night in the Coronation Street ad break and made in conjunction with the Royal British Legion, is called ‘Christmas is for Sharing’.

Sainsbury’s described the commercial as a creative interpretation of Christmas Day 1914, when British and German soldiers laid down their arms and came together on neutral territory to share greetings, treats, mementoes and a game of football.

Sainsbury’s and The Royal British Legion based it on original reports and letters, and working with historians throughout the development and production process.

The story is told from the perspective of a young British soldier Jim who dares to venture from his trench onto no man’s land to greet German enemy Otto and his colleagues who come together in a football game.

Jim shares a moment of connection and friendship with the young German soldier and, as the truce ends and they return to their trenches, the German soldier is moved to discover that Jim has hidden the gift of a chocolate bar in his pocket.

The campaign is the latest expression of Sainsbury’s 20-year relationship with The Royal British Legion.

The chocolate bar featured in the ad will be available for Sainsbury’s customers to buy for £1 in the run-up to Christmas, with all profits going to The Royal British Legion.

The limited edition 100g Taste the Difference Belgian Milk Chocolate bar is manufactured in Ypres, Belgium, and features the same period packaging seen in the ad.

“The Christmas truce is an emotive and cherished story in our history that is especially poignant in this First World War centenary year,” said Sainsbury’s head of brand communications Mark Given.

“That’s why we have worked together closely with the Legion to ensure we bring this moment to life with authenticity and respect.”