Tesco has launched its first Thanksgiving range at its Kensington superstore, in a bid to cater for demand from  Americans living in London.

Dedicated space will be set aside in the store until 1 December and the range will also be available online.

Tesco said it had seen a 70 per cent rise in sales for imported American specialities such as pretzels, cereals, drinks and confectionery.

“Demand for American food and drink products has soared in the last year which is why we have launched our first ever Thanksgiving range in Kensington Superstore and online,” said Haris Deane, Tesco’s American range buyer.

“Thanksgiving is now one of the most important holidays in both the US and the UK, so we have ensured our range includes all Thanksgiving essentials.”

The range includes products such as such as turkey, cranberry sauce, chicken stuffing cheese and potatoes.

Tesco’s American range, which started in five stores two years ago, is now in 500 stores across the UK, and includes over 200 products such as popular US brands Hershey’s Chocolate and Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancake Mix.

Waitrose has also been increasing the availability of Thanksgiving lines over the last few weeks.