Pre-teens and mothers looking for low-fat choices are being targeted by dairy snack brand Cheestrings with the launch of Cheestrings Light.

The product is made with skimmed milk and contains a third less fat than other Cheestrings products, but has just as much calcium, according to brand owner Kerry Foods.

The product is available in packs of four, priced at £1.08, and packs of eight at £2.08. Current stockists include Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Somerfield and Asda. "This launch extends our offering to retailers and meets consumer demands for healthy snacks that deliver on nutrition and taste as well as fun and playfulness," said Liz Park, senior brands manager at the company.

"We conducted extensive research towards the end of last year, which found that low-fat and light products were becoming part of mainstream consumer lifestyle choices rather than being seen as a diet option."

Savvy pre-teens were becoming more interested in healthier options, she added. The launch, which would be supported throughout the summer with a press and online campaign aimed at mothers, would help boost Cheestrings' 27% share of the cheese snack category [Nielsen year to w/e 24 March 07], she said.

A number of reduced-fat and healthier product launches have taken place in the cheese sector this year, many of which have been targeted at children.

Earlier this year, Bel UK added a crudité and cheese dip line to its Laughing Cow brand, which it said offered children a healthier snack.

In March, Cricketer Farm brought out Omega-3-enriched Cheddar cheese for children. There have also been a number of lines launched for adults.

Pilgrims Choice added a probiotic cheese to its range in February, as well as introducing a half-fat Cheddar last month.