Lever Fabergé is expanding its cleaning products portfolio with two launches and is spraying a total of £4.5m in marketing support behind them. Cif Glass and Window Wipes, the first new product under the brand's international name, are supported by a £3m marketing campaign including TV ads, direct mail and PR. Soaked in a fast evaporating solution, the wipes claim to clean dirt, grime and fingerprints "without the hassle". The second launch is Domestos WC Active Mousse, which continues a category trend towards foamy toilet cleaners. The product has a specially designed nozzle to reach difficult areas and a triple action' formula to "take the strain out of cleaning toilets. It comes in two fragrances ­ Mountain Fresh and Ocean Fresh. Marketing support includes TV and press ads which build on the existing Kid's Imaginary World campaign. The pack is depicted as a torpedo seeking to destroy dirt and bacteria. {{MARKETING - P&P }}