Cirio and Del Monte are poised to present their group face to the world in a pan-European advertising campaign. This is the first time the Cirio Del Monte Group will publicly appear in its new guise since Cirio Alimentare completed its acquisition of Del Monte in February, and marks the onset of the full merger process. The ads, with the strapline How is a giant born?', will run in newspapers across Europe, including the Financial Times and the Telegraph in the UK. Stefano Di Bella, chief executive of the Cirio Del Monte Group, said: "During 2001 the two companies will start working together to exchange their culture, practices and working habits. In this way we will identify the areas of co-operation, integration as well as synergies. "The final objective is to work as one company worldwide some time during 2002." The combined group has a turnover of £560m. {{NEWS }}