Shamoutis start to arrive Jaffa shamoutis, the thick-skinned easy peeler oranges which have rebuilt a niche market in the UK, have begun to arrive and are expected to be in sufficient volume to attract multiples by the end of next week. The variety is again being supported by in store promotions and other activities. UK manager for Tnuport Alan Kay anticipates the first sales this weekend will be between £8-10 for best sized fruit, as competitive supplies of Spanish mid season Navels are lighter as a result of substantial quantities being shipped to the United States. "Supplies of good oranges are generally shorter at present," he said. According to the managing director of the Citrus Marketing Board of Israel Mena Davidson, the shamouti crop is around 10 days later than last season and overall volumes will be lighter due to a spell of dry weather. As a result the crop is expected to reach between 190,000 and 220,000 tonnes, of which a third are programmed for the UK, representing 2.6 million cases. Davidson added that sizes would be better than 1998, and quality was looking good. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}