Hands that do dishes are to get new help with the washing up as the famous Fairy brand is extended into sponges and scourers. The 41-year-old brand, synonymous with washing up liquid and protecting housewives' hands, has three products in the initial range, with more likely to follow. Heading the new products, which launch next month, is the Cone, Dish, Glass and Pan cleaner ­ a wedge-shaped scourer designed to reach hard-to-clean areas. It has a slit edge for glass rims and the wedge-shape is designed for comfortable handling. The Flipper is a multi-purpose sponge with four active sides for dish, pan and work surface cleaning. Trios Pot and Pan Scourer is triangular shaped with two active sides ­ one a non-scratch surface and the other a heavy duty sponge. All feature the Fairy logo on packaging. They are listed in major multiples and independents and distributed by EGL Homecare, which has promised trade promotions, advertising, a web site and a customer support line. The Fairy brand is already in the bath soap and washing powder categories and has introduced new fragrances and new pack shapes to its washing up liquid this year. Rsps: Cone Dish, Glass and Pan Cleaner, 79p; Flipper £1.09; Trios 89p. {{MARKETING - P&P }}