WaverleyTBS is hoping to create a new wine category with the launch of a concept based around the Australian 'cleanskin' category - developed by wineries looking at ways of getting rid of surplus stock.

"The idea developed when top wineries sold off excess wines in plain, unbranded bottles, or cleanskins, to avoid devaluing their existing brands," said Owen Bird, senior winemaker at the company.

The wines were sold, on average, at a 50% discount and consumers quickly caught onto the idea, with sales now accounting for 7% of bottled wine sales in Australia, according to the company.

WaverleyTBS intends to use the concept to sell limited parcels of wine, sourced from all over the world.

"For the wine drinker it's about discovery, anticipation and true value, with the wine remaining the hero and not the fancy label," said Bird.