The Irish Dairy Board, the international exporter of Irish dairy products and owner of the Kerrygold brand, has appointed Noel Coakley chief executive.
Coakley has been with the IDB for 22 years. He is currently managing director of Adams Foods Group, where he has had responsibility for all of IDB’s UK operations since 1990.
Prior to this he worked for IDB Benelux from 1987 to 1988 and had responsibility for the Kerrygold brand in Germany from 1988 to 1990.
Coakley will replace Noel Cawley who is retiring next year.
A spokeswoman for the IDB said that Coakley would replace Cawley around the middle of 2006 once a successor has been appointed to replace Coakley at the helm of the Adams Foods Group in the UK.
Michael Cronin, chairman of the Irish Dairy Board, said: “Noel Coakley has significant international experience and as a key executive has made a major contribution to the Board over the last number of years.”