Coca-Cola has predicted it will collect 1,500 tonnes of recyclable material the equivalent of 99 million empty Coke cans in the first year of its recycling partnership with Westminster City Council.

Coca-Cola is collecting four tonnes of recyclable material every day from the 260 recycling bins installed in London's West End in March as part of an initiative to stage a green Olympic Games in 2012.

Three fifths of all waste collected from the dual access bins one side is for ordinary rubbish and the other for paper, plastic bottles and aluminium cans has been recycled rather than going to landfill.

"These statistics show that if facilities are available people will recycle," said Lauren Branston, Coca-Cola GB communications director. Coca-Cola is working with Wrap to introduce 80 Recycle Zones in the UK by 2011. The 66th was launched this week in Peterborough.