Coca-Cola and Unilever are throwing their weights behind groundbreaking new products containing an ingredient said to help prevent blood clots.

Coca-Cola plans to launch a mass-market drink containing the tomato-based ingredient Fruitflow, which owner Provexis claims keeps blood platelets in a normal, smooth state.

It is currently working with the life sciences company on the consumer testing, commercial assessment and regulatory approval of the technology and has signed a deal to explore ways it can use the ingredient in future products.

Meanwhile, Unilever has said it was working with Provexis to develop a "second-generation" ingredient to be used in vegetable-based fat spreads.

The moves come as juice brand Sirco, the first product to contain Fruitflow, prepares for a relaunch.

Provexis launched the Sirco brand last January into Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury's, but it was taken off shelf in July to allow Provexis to market Fruitflow to other third-party brands.

Sirco has since been sold to Multiple Marketing, which owns the Eat Natural cereal bar brand and Sunmagic fruit juice.

Multiple Marketing plans to relaunch the Sirco brand next year.