US soft drinks giant Coca-Cola said third quarter sales rose 6% boosted by a combination of volume growth of its brands outside its domestic market and the weak dollar.

Turnover rose to $5.7bn from $5.3bn with volumes in North America up just 1%, while international volumes rose 5% to push overall volumes up 4%.

In China, unit case volume increased 24%, by 8% in the UK, 11% in Spain and 4% in Germany.

Coke said third quarter growth of its water brand Dasani was up 16% and energy drink Powerade up 21%. And that non-carbonated beverages had outgrown carbonated drinks by 9% to 3%.

Coke’s boss Douglas Daft said: “Our priorities for increasing profitable growth are clear: build our brands through excellent marketing, improve the operational effectiveness of our entire system and relentless cost management.”