Coca-Cola unveiled a number new concepts inspired by its status as official partner of the FIFA 2006 World Cup, including a new can format.
The cans, out next spring in Germany, contain 330ml but are taller than usual and each features a photograph of a national player. Production of the format will continue after the World Cup and may be extended to other countries.
“It’s a very iconic type of Coke package, and follows on from our very good sales of cans featuring club motifs on them,” said media relations manager Geert Harzmann. “We believe it’s a very attractive shape.”
Coca-Cola is also investing in its BonAqua water brand on the Continent, which many believe may form the basis of a mineral water launch in the UK after the Dasani disaster. In Germany, Coca-Cola is launching an apple & pear version of Bonaqua.
“We’ve seen that consumers want more still drinks, and fewer carbonated drinks,” said Harzmann. “Fruit-flavoured water is a real success story.”
China flexed its muscle at Anuga with a huge pavilion that spanned two halls. In all, 330 companies exhibited everything from traditional foods and teas to canned foods and confectionery products. China’s strong presence at Angua prompted the organisers to earmark the second day of the show as Chinese Food Day, with tastings and demonstrations of cuisine. Since China entered the WTO, food exports have grown rapidly and now amount to $40bn a year.

A former executive who used to help British exporters tap into the German market is hoping to use that experience to export a range of six chilled cooking sauces into the UK.
Maximilian Graf Saurma left Food from Britain Deutschland last December to start developing a range of premium handmade sauces under the MaxMax Convenience brand.

Innovative Swiss dairy Emmi was showing a range of new products. Evolvus is a yoghurt-based drink that it claims will reduce blood pressure, while Fit is a probiotic yoghurt drink made with the LGG bacteria. Emmi was also showing the latest extension to its Caffe Latte range of chilled coffee drinks - Choco Latte, which is made with Swiss chocolate.

Here’s the ultimate idea for lazy chefs: pasta containing all the flavours needed to make the perfect dish. Greek supplier Korona says its ethnic range of flavoured pastas are rich in flavour and aroma and once cooked can be served with a touch of butter and sprinkle of grated cheese. The range comes in five flavours in spaghetti, penne and fusilli shapes. The flavoured pasta is packed in metallised wraps that preserve the taste and maintain quality.
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