Company: Closed Loop
Rsp: £1.35/250ml; £2.70/750ml
Competition: Chilled juice
The sell: The ambient range has a five-month shelf life and claims to taste as good as fresh

The consumer

I was intrigued by the idea of juices based on different varieties of apple, so decided to taste them blind to see whether I could identify the specific fruits. I was pleasantly surprised by the contrast in flavour between the juices, although the Pink Lady flavour was sweet and tangy and tasted more of Golden Delicious to me. The Golden Delicious drink was the more gentle of the two, but both were pleasantly crisp and tart, if slightly less refreshing than fresh apple juice. Four stars (out of five)
Emma Collins, trainee legal aid solicitor, London

The expert
The bottle shape is distinctively hexagonal and the coloured sleeve livens up what is actually a dull-looking liquid. I tasted both the Golden Delicious and Pink Lady flavours and my favourite is the Pink Lady it tasted fresh, sharp, clean and delicious. I found the Golden Delicious to be less crisp and overly sweet. A good product, but a little pricey. Four stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
I’m always a little sceptical about ambient products claiming to taste as good as fresh but these juices nailed it. Both had a clean taste and distinct flavours. The Pink Lady was my favourite sweet and fruity. The bottles were nice to hold and the label sleeves will help the juices stand out on shelf. Thicker apple juice often leaves me bloated but these were light yet still authentically fruity. The juices are priced at a premium, but I’d definitely buy them. Four stars
Hannah Stodell, senior reporter