Sultana trade buoyant
Trade in Turkish sultanas is buoyant, with exports expected to have reached 200,000 tonnes by mid-June.
“Export levels have been running at a faster pace this year than last,” said one source.
Specially cleaned No 9s are trading at $1,100/tonne (fob Izmir).
Californian raisin prices remain firm, with concerns that a market caught between higher demand from the wineries and a potentially smaller 2005 crop may lead to higher prices.

Fears over fish availability
Tuna prices remain firm as concern grows about raw material availability, particularly of skipjack.
The threat of a major El Niño climate event is making packers wary.
“Another big ocean temperature change could be very serious,” said one trader.
Canners focus on peaches
Canned fruit importers are turning their attention to peaches.
Greece is expected to dominate the market in terms of both tonnage and pricing. With a crop similar to last season of 350,000 tonnes, packers will be pushing for similar ex-field costs of E0.22 per tonne.
However, growers are adamant they need at least E0.25 to cover increased wage and fuel costs. The cost of the finished product will rise to cover a 15% increase in tinplate.

Beef trimmings prices up
Price increases on retail packs of corned beef do not appear to have affected sales, according to importers of South American product.
Typically, 340g premium brands have gone up 25% per can. Brazilian canners have warned of further cattle cost inflation, and traders expect more rises in the autumn. The main cause of concern is insatiable demand for beef trimmings from Russia and eastern Europe.
“No longer is corned beef the only option for using these cuts, as new markets have sprung up over the past couple of years,” said a source in Sao Paulo. “Prices have doubled in the past 12 months, with demand outstripping supply.”