Harvest delays in Spain, due to cool conditions in November, caused Spanish tomato prices to rise. Adverse cold and rainy weather in Spain has also reduced bell pepper supplies. Weak sterling is pushing up prices compared with last year.

Lower UK potato production has increased prices, with harvests estimated at 4.6 million tonnes in 2016/17, down 5% year on year. Yields are estimated at 46.2 tonnes per hectare, down 8% year on year.

Iceberg lettuce prices fell seasonally but remain higher year on year due to strong demand in the EU and floods in Spain limiting supplies. During 2015/16, European consumption of lettuce increased as people adopted healthier lifestyles. Supplies have also been hit by floods in the Spanish regions of Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia and Almería.

Prices for Spanish Valencia oranges also fell month on month due to seasonality but remain up year on year due to sterling depreciation.

Fruit & VegPrice in GBP per tonnem-o-m %y-o-y %
Tomatoes (UK) 1631 1.40% 42.60%
Potatoes (UK) 202 9.20% 37.10%
Onions (UK) 365 9.90% 26.80%
Pears (UK) 635 -3.20% 23.00%
Oranges (ES) 719 -12.40% 18.20%
Apples (UK) 745 8.00% 17.50%
Peppers (Capsicums, UK) 1614 18.50% 17.00%
Iceburg lettuce (price per unit, UK) 0.43 -10.50% 16.10%
Bananas (UK) 633 -1.50% -1.00%
Carrots (UK) 325 -5.20% -4.70%