Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce prices have risen more than 50% month on month after frosts and high winds damaged the quality of produce. Similarly severe conditions across the EU this winter have also affected tomato prices, which were up more than a third, and pepper prices, which have risen by a fifth.

Potato prices have increased slightly month on month following concerns over crop quality. They are down a fifth year on year, however, as a result of production estimates for the main EU producing countries being up 20% on the 23.9 million tonnes recorded in 2013. Yields this year are projected to have risen to more than 50 tonnes per hectare.

Pear prices have fallen by a fifth in the past month and two thirds on last year, with the Russian import ban leading to a boost in availability of domestic supplies. EU exports are forecast to drop to 325,000 tonnes, a third lower than the previous year.

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