The price of Cashews are going up

Low production has helped push up prices of hazelnuts in the UK. The hazelnut crop in Turkey is forecast to be 21% lower year on year, at about 580,000 tonnes compared with the 700,000 tonnes produced last year. In addition, growers have been holding onto their stocks to try and stimulate higher prices.

Supplies of cashews are also running low from the major growing regions in Vietnam and West Africa. Prices have increased as the combination of severe droughts and heavy rains in growing regions has seen a reduction in yield and crop quality this year.

Delays in the peanut harvest in Argentina have pushed up prices globally. The harvest has been forecast at 928,000 tonnes, which is down 22% year on year.

The price of pepper has decreased as higher production is forecast in Vietnam for 2016. This follows an 18% year on year increase in the planted area to 100,000 hectares.

Nut prices per tonne
  $/per tonne m-o-m % y-o-y %
Hazelnuts UK 7948 20.50% 37.60%
Honey ES 1903 6.00% -18.60%
Cashews VN 7185 2.80% 45.80%
Peanuts EU 1249.4 2.60% 41.60%
Dried Apricots UK 3090 2.50% 4.40%
Almonds EU 4475 0.00% -35.90%
Desiccated Coconut PH 1867.1 -0.50% 46.30%
Raisins UK 1221 -4.50% -19.10%
Sultanas EU 1122 -6.80% -25.30%
Black pepper VN 5107 -7.20% -10.10%

source: Mintec