Kraftliner prices remain high year on year, due to increases in feedstock pulp costs. The warmer weather has made it difficult to harvest pulpwood, the feedstock for pulp, which has resulted in tight supplies.

Trade tensions between the US and China are forcing investors to liquidate their investment in aluminium alloy LME futures, pushing prices down further.

Steel prices have fallen due to increased supplies, which were up 4% year on year in February. The World Steel Association reported that 131.8 million tonnes of crude steel were produced during the month.

Polyethylene prices have fallen due to subdued demand and good supply. The bank holidays reduced demand, while an increase in imports from eastern Europe has boosted supplies.

Polystyrene prices have fallen due to a drop in the cost of feedstock styrene. Previously high prices for styrene reduced demand, causing prices to fall.

PackagingPrice in GBP per tonnem-o-m %y-o-y %
PET UK 1060 0.10% 9.60%
Testliner UK 573.6 -0.20% 23.80%
Cartonboard UK 789.8 -0.20% -8.30%
Kraftliner UK 640.6 -0.20% 26.70%
Aluminium alloy LME UK 1310 -1.10% -2.30%
Steel EU 533.2 -1.10% 30.10%
HDPE UK 1160 -2.10% -5.70%
LDPE UK 1254.5 -2.40% -4.90%
Polypropylene UK 1171.5 -2.60% 3.00%
Polystyrene UK 1289.5 -6.70% 1.10%