Trading manager, Nisa-Today's There is a significant and welcome swing away from the standard white sliced to the premium and, indeed, super-premium sectors. This has been driven by the heavyweight promotional activity in these categories and by improved product quality. In fact, many consumers perceive these brands to be little different from the fresh baked offering. The sector's success is dependent on new product development, which must meet consumer aspirations and changing lifestyles. Hovis Crusty White and Kingsmill Tasty Crust successfully combined the appearance of just-baked bread with the convenience of a pre-sliced loaf. Hovis' repackaging was controversial but surprisingly successful, and put further emphasis on the sector. It also changed the brand perception from traditional to modern. Warburtons, too, has been particularly innovative, with excellent new offerings in bread and morning goods. Such is the quality of products entering the marketplace that consumers are more than willing to trial these as soon as they hit the fixtures. Morning goods have not enjoyed quite the same innovation and still seriously underperform in independents. Closer links between retailers and manufacturers and better range management will ensure growth here. {{P&P }}