7 (6) Kingsmill
Sales: £392.6m +0.4%
Launch: 1990

With sales of white sliced continuing to go stale, Kingsmill hasn’t been the only bread brand hoping to innovate its way out of trouble.

The brand has certainly shown flair. Its Fruit & Fibre loaf picked up our Top Launch of the Year award in the bread category following its August unveiling, and the Kingsmill range now boasts everything from bagels and muffins to brioche and baps.

Nevertheless, Warburtons outgrew Kingsmill in 2012. Allied Bakeries CEO Mark Fairweather says Kingsmill will claw share back in 2013 with a firm focus on marketing. “TV ads will play a significant role in this - Kingsmill will be on screen for 30 weeks of the year,” he says.