Burton’s Foods has renamed itself Burton’s Biscuit Company – and created a new logo and strapline – in a bid to reposition itself as a more premium biscuit business.

The old blue lozengestyle logo has been replaced by a chocolate biscuit sporting the new company name and the strapline ‘making every day more of a treat’.

Burton’s, which makes Chocolate Fingers, Jammie Dodgers and Maryland Cookies, said the rebrand was needed to better communicate the company’s focus and give the range a more premium look.

“We’re a new company, with new aspirations and new results – unprecedented in our financial history – and we want to make sure our name and the way we present ourselves is aligned to that,” Burton’s CEO Ben Clarke told The Grocer.

The new name was an obvious way of maintaining the heritage of the Burton’s name, while simultaneously clarifying the company’s identity as a manufacturer of biscuits, he said.

“Our old name underplayed the fact we’re a biscuit company,” he added. “We’re proud to be the only biscuit company of scale to just make biscuits – and we wanted to make that clear.”

In the past two years, Burton’s has launched a raft of products such as Cadbury’s Mini Fingers and Maryland Big & Chunky Cookies targeting the faster growing, premium end of the market.

The rollout of the new Burton’s name and logo on correspondence, biscuit packs and at its production sites is starting now and expected to be completed within the first few months of 2012.