Sainsbury's move to up the stakes in the battle for own label dominance got under way in earnest this week. The Grocer last week revealed how Britain's second biggest multiple was stepping up its battle with Tesco by adding more than 100 products to its Taste the Difference range. The first started hitting shelves on Wednesday with the newcomers helping to take the burgeoning range up to 650 lines. However, it still lags some way behind Tesco which last month took its Finest range past the 900-strong mark by adding 80 new products. But Sainsbury now hopes that such delicacies as West African Sugar Loaf Pineapple, Pot au Chocolat and British Pork, Lemon and Thyme sausages will help Taste the Difference overtake Finest in the own label league table. TNS Superpanel, which values the supermarket own label market at £2bn, currently puts it in fifth place with its rival in fourth. Economy ranges still account for the biggest share of own label, with Tesco Value and Asda Smart Price currently occupying first and second place in the table. However, both are in decline while third-placed Tesco Healthy, Tesco Finest and Taste the Difference are all growing. A spokeswoman for Sainsbury said 70% of the chain's shoppers bought Taste the Difference products regularly. Meanwhile, Britain's second biggest supermarket chain is also mustering the support of ubiquitous brand ambassador Jamie Oliver with three new commercials for Taste the Difference starting this week. Other measures include 20% off 100 lines across all the brand's categories. {{P&P }}