Soft drinks company AG Barr has acquired the Strathmore Mineral Water Company from Constellation Brands for £15m.

Strathmore bottles, markets and distributes still and sparkling spring water, as well as a range of flavoured spring waters throughout the UK.

AG Barr said that the acquisition of Strathmore would meet its strategic objective of acquiring strong brands in the soft drinks sector with growth potential.

It added that the Strathmore business would be integrated into its operating system.

Roger White, chief executive of AG Barr, said: “The Strathmore brand will significantly enhance Barr's position in the fast growing water category and we consider there to be further development potential for Strathmore and its product range.”

Meanwhile, Robin Barr, chairman of AG Barr is expected to tell shareholders at the group's annual general meeting later today that the carbonates market remains challenging.

However, he is also expected to add that the company has made “good progress” this year and is “on course for another successful performance”.