Sir Terry Leahy CEO, Tesco

Terry came in as one of the first professional marketers in retail. He is incredibly effective - the measure of that effectiveness is the performance of the company. When he presents, he presents in a very quiet style, but what he says is very compelling. He's incredibly focused.

Justin King CEO, Sainsbury's

I've known Justin a long time - he has done a really good job. He's got the sales line going and morale up in stores. He's also got a very good consumer position. The test is getting EBIT growth up.

Sir Ken Morrison chairman, Morrisons

Ken's key quality is cost awareness - not in the sense that he's a cost cutter, but in the sense that he understood that if he could really control his cost base, he could sell at lower prices. Ken was just at the heart of things. He was the guy we looked up to and still do.

Stuart Rose CEO, M&S

Stuart's done a fantastic job. I think Simply Food is a very good format.

Andy Bond PRESIDENT and CEO, Asda

Bondy is a good guy and has made a huge difference to that business. I think Andy has moved back to a model that works. Asda had a very simple model that was highly effective, and it's still as effective now. Clearly, he's had a good 12 months. Andy's right on the ticket.

Dave Cheesewright COO, Asda

He was in the [Mars] factory in Slough - I got him out of rice puddings! I've got a lot of time for him. He's a smart operator and into the detail. He's good with people and consumer marketing.

Paul Mason CEO, Somerfield

He did a great job at Asda for us. I can see what he's done at Somerfield. Availability is much better and the merchandising much clearer.