He tells me that when he first worked with Dudley all those years ago, the normally fearless negotiator needed several stiff drinks before he'd even consider negotiating the steps of a plane ­ he couldn't stand flying. Indeed when he once received an invite to go to Hong Kong he got a map of the world out to see the quickest route by car. It turned out to be via the Kyber Pass ­ hardly any safer then than it is now ­ so that one got knocked on the head. And there was the time he was waiting to fly from Manchester over to Ireland and had a few drinks to calm his nerves. But then his flight was cancelled and he had to get a taxi home because he was over the limit to drive back. Apparently he's gradually conquered his fear however. Dudley points out that the Nisa-Today's conferences used to be held in the UK, but they made it over to Jersey one year, and since then they've been to Spain and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile one of my colleagues informs me Tunisian souk traders are so in tune with the multitude of British tourists that invade its plentiful beaches every week, they have invented a new sales pitch. Throughout the medieval Arab medinas you will hear calls of "Asda prices" and "Marks and Spencer quality". So next time you're bartering for packets of discount spices, you'll know just what to expect. Just don't try it in Asda. {{COUNTERPOINT }}