- To the Sainsbury trade briefing where head honcho Justin King was first up. The room was packed to the rafters with suppliers, but you could have heard a pin drop when the floor was thrown open to questions. Is Sainsbury keeping its suppliers very happy all of a sudden? Or did no one want to address the big man personally for fear of finding him or herself Villain of the Week in Sainsbury's Holborn HQ foyer? Either way, Asda's Andy Bond must wish he had such a smooth ride.

 - Would it be mean of me to segue from such lauded grocery gents into Finnish rock horror band Lordi? My plea last week for brands the Eurovision Song Contest winner should sponsor certainly had you thinking. Top marks - or 'douze points' - go to the brand everyone loves to love or hate - Marmite. However, one supplier thinks the band has more in common with retailers. See www.eurovision.tv/english/finland/htm. "I think they look rather like the senior buying team at my biggest supermarket customer," he says.

- It's that time of year when football is on the brain. But Nisa-Today's boss Dudley Ramsden must be hoping England fares better in the World Cup than his beloved Grimsby Town did in the play-offs. The Mariners' fans were probably not the only ones close to tears when Grimsby was beaten 1-0 by Cheltenham. I do hope the Grimsby life president is not superstitious. Far be it for me to say it could be a sign of things to come when voting on the merger with Costcutter concludes.

- Of course it is entirely logical to link the welfare of chickens with the World Cup, even if you did not know that chickens get fitter and enjoy playing with footballs on higher welfare farms. So what better way to gear up for the action than by going online to play the World Cluck? Go to www.worldclucksoccerskills.com - clearly something Wayne Rooney could do while he rests his foot.