I'm sure I wasn't the only one to enjoy seeing the repeat this week of the infamous BBC tv programme where Sainsbury's Dino Adriano went back to the shopfloor. Who could forget the sight of Dino wrapped up in that extremely snug polyester uniform? And what about that memorable chat Dino had with the shelf stacker who asked how much he earned? Or that awful mock boardroom chat at the end of the programme? Fantastic stuff first time round, and made even more poignant this week when the Beeb reminded viewers that Dino was retiring. Whatever you think of Mr Adriano, nobody could ever accuse him of not looking as if he enjoyed his work (or his cooking for that matter) ­ which is more than could be said for the Tesco board. What's up with these people? They announce record profits of almost £1bn and then sit in the press conference looking like members of the Politburo. Mind you, El Tel must have a sense of humour. If not, why did he pick Leeds, home of arch rival Asda, as the site for Tesco's first store in a regeneration area? But let's return to the subject of happiness. At last week's Booker Prize for Excellence, culinary hard man Gordon Ramsey was clearly over the moon when the lovely Maxine Bertschy and her husband Janick won the award for best caterer. Massive hugs for her; handshake for him. Mind you, he was less impressed by the menu at the Hilton: "I was not in the kitchens tonight ­ but you have probably gathered that." And finally, my colleague wonders when equality will hit wholesaling. She was not the only one to notice the lack of women at the FWD conference. Delegate list: 300. Number of women: 20. {{COUNTERPOINT }}