Sainsbury has opened its first Boots concession several weeks ahead of schedule at the Warren Heath store in Ipswich. Assistant managing director Sara Weller said the project had been accelerated so that six trial stores could be kitted out with Boots products before Christmas. "This really is a killer proposition," said Weller. "Research shows the two brands are really synergistic. The Boots store within a store will also increase footfall and make our stores look even more attractive." She dismissed suggestions that the tie-up would dilute the Sainsbury's brand or confuse customers. "We have a number of successful partnerships along these lines with Jeff Banks, Adams and Starbucks. "The important thing is to pick the right partners," Weller said. Further tie-ups have not been ruled out. The six trial sites represent a cross section of stores in different locations, with Boots sections ranging from 2,500 to 4,000 sq ft. If the combination proves a success after a nine month trial, the Boots mini stores will be rolled out to all of Sainsbury's large, out of town stores ­ about a third of the estate, said Weller. Commercial terms have not been divulged, but the deal "makes financial sense" for all parties, she added. Boots branding will be prominent, with a separate fascia above the concession and a built-in Boots branded pharmacy. The mini stores will stock up to 10,000 lines ­ double the quantity of health and beauty products in a typical Sainsbury's store, including Boots successful own labels such as Soltan suncare and No 17 makeup. {{NEWS }}