Procter & Gamble is dogged by supply chain troubles with its Bounty brand kitchen towel, according to two of the major multiples.
The company is failing to meet supply demands, leaving gaps on shelves.
Sainsbury paper buyer Ritchie Mcfee said: “The problem we are experiencing is a case of demand exceeding forecast, coupled with some major supply chain hiccups.”
Signs stating ‘Sorry for the lack of Bounty, our supplier is having difficulties’ are on display in Sainsbury’s worst-hit stores.
Retail and trade research specialist ESA said its field workers had noted depleted stock levels during visits to major multiples.
A P&G spokeswoman said: “We have had a temporary, short-term issue resulting from unprecedented consumer demand through December. We expect to be fully back to normal before the end of the month.”
However, a spokeswoman for another major retailer, which did not wish to be named, said: “There have been a number of problems with supply to our depots and we are not receiving anywhere near the normal levels that we want.”