Morrisons comes out at the top of the chart this week with all other fascias quite a way behind.

Activity in Morrisons is focused upon gondola ends and is particularly strong in the alcohol and household categories. Morrisons has promotions on Andrex, Bold, Bounty and Ace, all carrying extra space.

In health & beauty, promotions on Kleenex, Imperial Leather, Impulse and Macleans help Morrisons climb the fascia chart to top spot. In last place is Asda. However, the fascia has a mass of promotions on alcoholic drinks including Budweiser, Foster’s, Stella and Heineken, all with extra space in store.

Alcoholic and soft drinks top the category chart at number one and two respectively. Asda drives the alcohol category with many promotions while snacks are at number five driven by Morrisons’ activity. The two brands driving snacks are Walkers and KP with offers in various fascias and extra space in stores.

Walkers remains at top spot after last week’s comeback but KP enters at number two knocking Nestlé down to number five behind Coca-Cola and Cadbury.

There is very little between the top two brands, both of which have more than one type of promotion, with buy-one-get-one-free offers and other price promotions dominating. Walkers uses a number of floor stacks and gondola ends throughout the stores.

Elsewhere in the chart there are a number of new entries. Johnson’s enters the brand chart with shampoo and babycare promotions. Kodak also enters the chart due to some impressive off-fixture displays in Sainsbury and Safeway. However, Wall’s is the second highest new entry behind KP driven by numerous promotions on Carte D’Or, Magnum and Viennetta and extra space on shared gondola ends.