The days of cost cutting at Booker are over, says new boss Malcolm Walker, who this week pledged to back the cash and carry business with more investment that would drive its future growth. Walker is taking day to day responsibility for the business following the shock resignation of Iceland group chief executive Stuart Rose two weeks ago and the imminent departure of Booker md Charles Wilson. Walker said his first priorities would be to paint the offices at Booker's Wellingborough HQ, revamp the staff canteen and turn up the heating. He told The Grocer: "Booker has been through a torrid time for the last two years. Stuart and Charles have done a great job in saving the business. Their focus has been, quite rightly, on cost cutting and slimming down the business. "Now we need a revolution at Booker to set up the company for the future and the way to do that is to sharpen up the business." Walker said the message had gone down well with Booker staff ­ and claimed there was a new buzz at Wellingborough. He added: "There's so much that can be done. This is a fabulous business, but sales have been flat for years. Since we did the merger I have not got involved in Booker because I was going next March. I have not put myself about." He made it clear that had changed since Rose announced his departure for Arcadia. When The Grocer caught up with Walker on Wednesday, he had just completed an intensive two day stint at Booker. The first was at the cash and carry company's HQ; the second was spent on the road visiting Booker depots, retail customers and rival wholesalers Bestway and Costco. Walker says the visit to his rivals had prompted him to hassle the Booker buying department to find out why they were more expensive on a couple of lines. Walker admitted he was having fun, and said: "I don't know whether we will get a new chief executive for Booker ­ I may get to like this." {{NEWS }}