Chip and PIN-enabled credit and debit cards have been issued to eight million people and are being accepted by 100,000 businesses, according to figures from the UK Chip and PIN Programme.
However, Safeway is the only multiple to have successfully introduced the technology to its stores, on average accepting 100,000 chip and PIN transactions a week.
Asda has completed its trials and is to roll out the technology to eight ‘stores of learning’ before Easter. It will extend the programme to the rest of its estate after Easter, using the stores of learning to help with training. All should be able to accept chip and PIN by May 31.
Tesco’s tills are now chip-enabled and the PIN pads are being rolled out. A spokesman said the system should be activated in all stores by May.
Sainsbury will implement the technology once it has completed its chip and PIN pilot in mid-2004.