Somerfield is developing a system enabling users of its new business delivery service to set up accounts electronically.
The service, which enables businesses to order goods from Somerfield for delivery to their doors, had proved a big hit with nurseries, nursing homes and schools, said regional manager Michael Hewett.
Although the service was running well, feedback from participants in the 38-store trial showed that they were unhappy with the amount of paperwork involved to get started, he said.
“People just wanted to click on a screen and set up direct debit mandates without trawling through reams of paperwork.”
Despite scepticism from wholesalers questioning how it made commercial sense for businesses to pay for goods at retail prices, the scheme had proved its mettle, he said.
Hewett said: “Once we have got this aspect sorted out, we can roll out nationally. The concept is definitely a goer.”
By using Somerfield’s existing fleet of home delivery vehicles and a store picking system, costs had been kept to a minimum, he added. Delivery is free on orders over £25.