Eastenders Cash & Carry has opened two new depots, in Slough and West Bromwich, and on current performance is a contender for The Grocer's Big 30 wholesaler listings next year.

The company is based in Leyton, east London, and had previously mainly sold alcohol and tobacco. However, the new warehouses stock a wide range of standard grocery products.

The West Bromwich branch, in the West Midlands, officially opened last week, but has been trading for more than a month. It is situated near East End Foods' depot and has been re-badged as EE Cash & Carry to prevent confusion.

Eastenders' last sales figure for the year to March 31, 2005 was £41.1m, up 59% on £25.9m the previous year. Full-year figures are due in the next few months. If it sustains its current growth, it would reach number 33 in the Bubbling Under section of The Grocer's annual Big 30 wholesaler rankings.

Separately, Eastenders has signed a deal with IT firm Sanderson to use its Swords supply chain software at West Bromwich and Slough depots.