Yoplait Dairy Crest claims its new Pokémon yogurts range is the "biggest ever licensed launch". But are kids impressed? The Davies clan from West Sussex ­ Ursula, 12, Lucy, 11, Dominic, 9, Ingrid, 7, and Bernadette (pictured with mum and minus baby Bruno ) like nothing better than sweets and puddings. But they can be fussy.... Ursula, Lucy, Dominic and Ingrid's eyes all lit up when the Pokémon yogurts were presented. A yogurt ­ any yogurt ­ is always a good thing. Bernadette and Bruno like what their elder siblings like. Ursula liked the Pokémon yogurt being a cross between a yogurt and a fromage frais. "It was just like any other yogurt but it had a nice fruity taste. I wouldn't recommend it as my favourite yogurt but I did enjoy it. It tastes a bit like Sunny Delight." Lucy, 11 and cynical, commented: "It was just like any old Pokémon rubbish ­ a bit artificial, just yogurt mixed with fruit and fromage frais." She, too, found a similarity to Sunny Delight. Dominic and Ingrid have both been passionate Pokémon enthusiasts, although it is fast becoming yesterday's craze, it seems. "We were really keen on Pokémon for six months," said Dominic. "I had loads of trading cards and my dad took me to see the film but that was ages ago. We like other things now, but we liked the Pokémon being on the yogurts." Ingrid ­ who a few months ago had an extensive Pokémon collection ­ was keen, but less so than she would have been a few months ago. For both, the yogurt was nice but nothing to get excited about. Would they pester to have it bought for them? No, pestering is saved for the biggest and best and that means the Müller yogurts with the bits in the corners. Large is everything ­ never mind the branding ­ and they do think Müller yogurt tastes a lot nicer and creamier than any other and lasts longer. All the children took the product as an immediately forgettable treat. Character licensed products do grab their attention, but they only pester for them if they really like the characters. That means they have to be Disney (and a favourite Disney of "quality" like The Lion King ­ not Tarzan) or Teletubbies. But the product itself has to be really special as well. "We couldn't care less what it has on it if it isn't really nice," shrugged Lucy. {{P&P }}