An aeroplane toilet has provided the inspiration for one of the most innovative grocery launches of the year.

Freshorize is a three-in-one handwash product which combines soap, an air freshener and fragrant gel.

Rolling out to Tesco stores now, the sweet-smelling dispenser is the brainchild of London-based inventor Aziz Patel, who came up with the idea after sitting next to the toilet on a long haul flight.

A three-pronged action means that the atomised air freshener is automatically triggered when the handwash is dispensed, while a gel emits a constant fragrance.

The product comes in a frosted bottle designed by Riverside Plastics.

Patel, who has patented the unique dispensing system, is also discussing possible listings with other major multiples.

The three different scents are designed to be complementary. “The gel gives a background bass note, the aerosol a soprano high and an intermezzo fragrance comes from the handwash,” explained Patel.

Rsp: £2.99 for 250ml.