Nearly one in five of Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s local store customers say the multiples’ moves into convenience have transformed the way they shop, according to exclusive research for The Grocer.
A survey of 1,721 principal shoppers, conducted by market research company HI Europe, has found that 17% of those using Tesco Metro/Express and Sainsbury’s Local believe their shopping habits have changed since these fascias opened. Over half say the stores bring more choice, variety and quality than traditional c-stores.
However, 21% say these fascias do not offer better value for money on the high street and 40% recognise that prices are more expensive than in the supermarkets of the same name.
A separate piece of research, conducted by ID Magasin and obtained exclusively by The Grocer, shows that multiple c-stores are used less for necessary/specific grocery items than traditional c-stores. A total of 57% of visitors to traditional c-stores are looking for specific items and 42% are doing a top-up shop. In multiple c-stores, 31% of shoppers are looking for specific items and 37% are doing a top-up shop.
Shoppers doing a top-up shop in a traditional c-store or multiple c-store are most likely to be alone (87% and 85% respectively) while those topping up in a main supermarket are more likely to be with someone else (33% at two or more people).
Traditional c-stores are the least planned format, with 56% planning to visit compared to 80% topping up in a multiple, 79% in a multiple c-store and 60% visiting a forecourt shop.
Across most formats shoppers do not use a carrier, although a fifth use a basket in a multiple c-store as do just under a quarter doing a supermarket top up.
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Siân Harrington