Competition was fierce this week with three retailers providing strong availability. But Morrisons in Anniesland pipped its rivals to the post thanks to helpful staff.

The store looked tidy and although there were several packing trolleys around the aisles, they did not get in our shopper's way.

He was impressed that a member of staff went to the back of the store to find the Quorn chicken-style pieces and quarter pounders for him and also noted that plenty of tills were open and that the checkout assistant was friendly.

Tesco in Burnage provided a full basket, too, and the checkout assistant greeted our shopper. However, the staff around the aisles were unfriendly and looked miserable and the store's entrance was littered.

Sainsbury's in High Wycombe had no out-of-stocks but was let down by an assistant who told our shopper the balsamic vinegar was not stocked when it was. The queue was short and the checkout assistant chatty, however.

Waitrose in East Sheen was in good order considering it was undergoing an extension. It looked tidy and staff were helpful. Our shopper found the smell of the fish counter offputting, however.

Asda's Trowbridge branch was busy and although the new potatoes were out-of-stock, an assistant checked the warehouse. The queue was short and checkout assistant efficient.

Winner: Peter Kennedy, store manager, Morrisons, Anniesland

How fierce is the competition in your area? We are surrounded by other supermarkets here but Sainsbury's and Asda are the closest. They stock a wider range of non-food, such as electrical, than us but we have a very loyal customer base because of our Market Street offer our shoppers want freshly prepared and good quality food. The number of shoppers who walk through our doors each week is consistent.

How have shopping habits changed now autumn has arrived? We are certainly starting to see a change. Customers are buying more soup ingredients, such as Scottish broth, lentils and stock cubes, than before. We have also seen an uplift in bakery as many have been buying bread rolls to go with their soup.

Tell me about your store's Techno-Bar. In May we had a "re-balance", which was when we introduced the non-food counter to the store. It stocks all the latest electrical gadgets, such as sat navs, iPods, cameras and memory cards. When Woolworths closed last year there was a gap in the market for these items and we have filled it. The customer feedback has been fantastic.

What local issues affect the store? We cannot take any deliveries after 7pm or before 7am because of the surrounding residential areas, which can be really tough. But I order excess stock in the day before and carry it over so we have enough to keep the shelves full. The amount varies depending on how fast the products sell. I also have a cracking team around me, who get the deliveries out very quickly and efficiently. When our first customers of the day arrive at 8am, the shelves are always full for them.

How do you manage availability? Well, we have the one-case ordering system that automatically orders slow-moving lines and has really helped us stay on top of things. We also have a really good relationship with head office. For example, if sea bass is selling really quickly I can order a load in and it will arrive within six to 12 hours. Our Market Street offer is also great because you can monitor how sales are doing throughout the day and either speed up or slow down production to meet demand. If sandwiches fly off the shelves, for example, we can really go to town.