Hipp Organic

Hipp Organic is taking over eBay’s baby category for a day

Organic baby and toddler foods supplier Hipp Organic will become the first brand to sponsor a category on eBay next week.

For 24 hours on 23 September, the brand will take over the site’s baby category – tapping into the 130,000 UK unique users that visit it in a day – to raise awareness of Hipp Organic baby weaning products.

Hipp will also use ad placements that have previously not been available on the site, together with site-wide behavioural targeting and a £1,000 PayPal competition to drive traffic to a separate eBay-hosted brand campaign page.

Hipp Organic is a perfect fit for our baby category,” said eBay head of strategic sales Rob Bassett. “With this partnership and our advanced targeting capabilities, Hipp will be able to reach any eBay customer that has bought or even looked at baby items in the past six months.”

In the past month, there have been more than 290,000 purchases in the clothing section of the baby category alone, added eBay.

Hipp Organic said it saw eBay’s baby category as a major destination for many people with young families.