>>the aim is to provide a destination shop for home entertainment

Safeway’s home entertainment offer has expanded and evolved from the limited range that we and other grocers used to provide. Most of our stores used to have between three and seven (12-28ft) basic fixtures displaying a top 40 video chart and up to 75 CD albums and the staff had no specialist knowledge.

Today we have around 60 stores with up to 120ft of home entertainment covering music, video and multimedia games. Another 200 stores have at least a 60ft range and all displays contain chart, promotions and full-price ranges normally stocked by genre. In the remaining 150 or so stores we support a more basic chart offer.

As the home entertainment category has become more and more successful, stores have removed their least successful or over-spaced categories. Our aim is to provide a destination shop for home entertainment. The largest shops have an instore ordering system so customers looking for a title by a particular artist can order it and have it delivered to their home or gift wrapped and sent elsewhere as a present.

In terms of space allocation the mix is usually around 60% video (75% of which is now DVD), between 30% and 35% is music and the rest multimedia games.

We do a lot of co-operative marketing with suppliers. This can include national press and TV ads or poster flyer support. We have a good relationship with the video and music companies and are working on getting closer to the games publishers.