A web site enabling independent stores to source produce from small local suppliers has been launched at this year's Londis Retailing Show. Supported by Londis and TM Retail, the web site from the Independent Dairy Consortium, smallsupplier.com, has a directory listing suppliers nationwide. "A retailer can choose the suppliers he wants to use while the system will allow the invoices to be added together so the retailer ends up with only one invoice, thus saving them time and money," said a spokeswoman. Retailing 2001 is taking place at four venues around the country, starting this week in Sandown Park. "Despite the grim weather, so far we are 36% up in visitors and expect approximately 2,500 to visit this year's show," said a spokesman. With 250 exhibitors including household names such as Bernard Matthews, the Covent Garden Soup Company and Pride Valley Foods, this year's show is 20% bigger than last year. The show will be at Telford on March 6 and will finish at Westpoint in Devon on March 8. {{NEWS }}