Sainsbury's consistently leads the pack for featured space promotional activity in the weekly research conducted by Assosia for Promotrack.

But occasionally, Morrisons likes to wear the crown and over the past three weeks it has upped its promotional activity to do just that.

In terms of promotional activity, with the exception of the impulse category, which is the most promoted by everyone, each retailer tends to pick different categories to champion and allocate secondary promotional space to.

Last weekend, Morrisons' favoured categories were impulse, which it allocated 33% of space to, grocery with 22%, alcohol with 19%, health, beauty & baby with 15% and household goods with 12%.

Sainsbury's promotional featured space allocations had more variety with the impulse category still first but with only 26% of space.

Alcohol took second spot with 25%, health, beauty & baby third with 20%, chilled food fourth with 16% and bakery fifth with 13%.

Asda's top five promoted categories were impulse with 27% of space, health, beauty & baby with 22%, grocery with 21%, frozen with 16% and alcohol with 14%.

Somerfield's top five categories were impulse 31%, grocery 29%, alcohol 19%, household 12% and chilled foods 10%. This was the only retailer where health, beauty & baby did not feature in its top five categories allocated additional space.

Tesco shows the most even allocation with only one point each between 2nd, 4th and 5th place.

Impulse again leads with 27%, but second and third place were shared between the alcohol and frozen categories with 19% each, fourth place health, beauty and baby was one percentage point behind with 18% and chilled dairy took fifth with 17%.

In terms of single most-promoted brands in each retailer last weekend, Asda's was Birds Eye, Morrisons' was Nestlé, Sainsbury's and Somerfield's was McVitie's and Tesco's was Coca-Cola.