Some 24 brands have signed up to Precision Marketing claims its Precision Marketing platform is “changing the rulebook” on how fmcg brands market their products - and says it hopes to double the number of brands on board by the end of 2014.

Robinsons, Nestlé Cereals and L’Oréal are among 24 brands now signed up to the service, which allows brands to utilise real-time customer data - generated through purchases made using the price comparison service - to launch direct ad campaigns. The price comparison website said it was eyeing 50 brands by the end of the year.

CEO Allon Bloch said the platform, launched in 2012, enabled brands to target their marketing far more effectively. “We are allowing brands to instantly interact with their customers, which is changing the rulebook as they can avoid the complicated process of trying to push advertising concepts through supermarkets,” he said. “It would, for example, allow a healthy food brand to directly offer discounts, unique production information or subscriptions to shoppers who regularly use our service to purchase gluten-free products.”

Bloch also claimed that brands which signed up were more likely to see a rise in sales through the website. MySupermarket had a record 4.3 million visitors in December and its mobile app has clocked up more than 500,000 downloads since its launch last summer.

“We are seeing more and more people use MySupermarket while shopping in stores so brands using Precision will be able to not only offer live price comparisons, but also live information on promotions, packaging and new flavours,” added Bloch.

“P&G and Unilever have spent heavily creating new products but that isn’t necessarily immediately obvious when visiting a supermarket. We can make sure shoppers are reminded every time they use our service.”