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NFRN: “Current supply chain is not working”

The National Federation of Retail Newsagents is to meet the new chairman of the Press Distribution Forum this month in a move that could see the two associations settle their differences.

The NFRN has refused to support the PDF - the self-regulatory body for the newspaper and magazine sector formed in 2010 - because it claims it has “systematically failed to get to grips with the really pressing issues affecting independent newsagents and the retail trade in general”.

However, the NFRN has agreed to meet a delegation from the PDF including new chairman Mike Mirams, who took over the reins from Mike Newman in December.

“We have accepted an invitation to meet and we approach that meeting with an open mind,” said NFRN CEO Paul Baxter. “I believe it is time that the news industry started treating each other as necessary business partners, rather than enemies, so that we can devote the future to mutual best interest and driving sales, rather than wasting energy though argument and litigation.”

He added: “With the current supply chain clearly not working, our challenge to Mike is to really look closely to see what improvements to service levels can be made so retailers can receive the service levels they require and publishers, wholesalers and news retailers can all enjoy increased sales.”

Mirams said: “Mike Newman has been a fantastic chairman. I share his vision of the PDF’s role in maintaining high service standards across the supply chain and will do everything I can to carry on the good work.”