Nisa-Today's is testing a web-based ordering system designed to improve communication between head office and members as part of the biggest IT project the buying group has ever undertaken. 

The Order Capture System (OCS) enables members to place unlimited orders online and will feed back much more information than Nisa's previous system. This includes advanced shipment notifications, invoices and online order confirmations at the point of submission, eliminating the existing Spedi protocol. 

"It makes ordering as easy as possible for our members, regardless of how technologically advanced they are," explained Nisa-Today's head of IT Wayne Swallow. 

He added that the new system would overcome common complaints from members such as order restrictions and lack of electronic feedback. 

The Order Capture System is one feature in a "substantial" investment with IT firm Retek, which develops merchandising and distribution software for global retailers. 

The IT restructure will also deliver benefits to suppliers and head office, including more dynamic promotions and new product development and greater supply chain visibility. 

The systems are set to go live at Nisa-Today's in the summer.