You can have your toast and eat it. If you shop at Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's that is - where the price of a two slice electrical toaster has fallen below the £5 mark.

Competition between the major multiples in the cheap electric kitchenware sector has never been so fierce according to the The Grocer 33's latest Non Food Report, which reveals Tesco and Asda now selling toasters for just £4.44, while a similar model can be found at Sainsbury's for £4.47.

Comparison with our last report on 12 August reveals that Asda, which has once again claimed the cheapest 33-item non food shopping basket ahead of Tesco, reduced the cost of its toaster by £1.04, while Tesco's fell by 99p and Sainsbury's by £1.12.

Own label stainless steel kettles and value steam irons were also reduced by a considerable sum.

Tesco and Asda have taken non food to new heights since our last report, with both retailers launching catalogues, online services, and strengthening their core ranges by adding various high end items such as LCD TVs and satellite navigation systems.

However, closer inspection of our report reveals that while Asda and Tesco continue to lead in price, Morrisons and Sainsbury's are working hard to bridge the gap.

The battle for third place is hotting up, and while Morrisons still has no comprehensive clothing range to speak of, it has reduced the price of 11 items since our last report. Its basket price excluding clothing is now just 6p more than the same one at Sainsbury's.

Sainsbury's has also reduced the price of 11 items from its basket excluding clothing, compared with nine at Tesco and just six at Asda.

Totals are more elevated than in our last report due to the different chart items selected for this survey. Fifa 07, the selected Top chart PS2 Game, was almost £5 more expensive than the previous title.

Meanwhile, there has been minimal movement on clothing - both Asda and Tesco returned identically priced baskets as in previous reports, while Sainsbury's fell by just 10p.