Morrisons's summer of rock bottom prices has humbled Tesco's boastful swingometer adverts in our weekly The Grocer 33 pricing survey but there is no doubt which retailer is offering the cheapest non food items. By slashing prices for 18 items on our quarterly Non Food 33, Tesco has nudged Asda out of the way to become our cheapest non food retailer. Tesco provided a £147.23 total which - though only 72p less than Asda's - is a significant £7.37 cheaper than its effort 11 weeks ago. It cut £5 off the price of its cheapest umbrella, £1.30 off the 10-pack of CDs and offered a microwave for £1.20 less than before. Asda's list included 12 items that have increased in price. Its pizza cutter is £1.20 more than in our previous survey and its top chart DVD was £12.74 - a significant increase from June's £9 tag. Sainsbury's was our most expensive retailer in the previous survey but has lowered the prices for 10 items. It is also the cheapest supermarket in which to buy PS2 games. Much has been said about high street music stores losing custom to supermarkets and with a number one CD retailing at Asda and Morrisons for £9.77, it's not hard to see why. Morrisons increased the price of 10 of its items to make it the most expensive retailer with a £169.43 total. Its vacuum flask was £3.50 more expensive than in June and its cheapest double duvet cover was £2 pricier. All of the retailers increased the price of a 4-pack of batteries and they all dropped the price of the top chart PS2 game apart from Asda, which kept it the same price. Sainsbury's clothing range was by far the most expensive. Its total bill for the five items was more than twice that of Tesco and Asda. Its cheapest women's black trousers have increased from £7 to £10 and its jeans from £8 to £10. Tesco has added £1.25 to the price of its cheapest men's t-shirt but cut £1 from its women's black trousers. Asda provided the cheapest clothing selection after cutting its white blouse by 25p.